The importance of preserving the little moments in your life with professional photography.

If you are expecting, and if you are like me, you are probably asking yourself this question. “Do I really need to do professional newborn photos?” There are a lot of really good reasons why taking the time and dollars required to professionally capture this moment is totally worth it.

As a mom of 5, I know just how fast the changing seasons of this life are. Life is so fleeting. Days melt into weeks which melt into seasons which then melt into years. Haven’t you found yourself suffering whiplash from how fast the last year went by? Me too. Every new year somehow seems to disappear faster than the previous one.

Is Portrait Photography really essential?
Why are Newborn portraits important

We try to hold onto the memories by capturing as many moments as we can. Make sure to document these moments before they too, fade away. The newborn season of life is a particularly emotive one. When we grow our family, our bonds are strengthened and our love becomes stronger than ever. For mom and baby the bond is often instant and deeper than anything we have ever felt in our lives. What a sweet mix to capture and preserve so that we can live that moment again and again.

Let’s Print

Capturing these moments is all in vain if we fail to preserve them and display them for the enjoyment of the people that we love. How many of our memories lay sitting on a dusty old hard drive? How many moments did we fail to have printed? Overtime, all technology will become obsolete and it is so very difficult to appreciate these portraits if they are not where you can readily see them.

Will you start the new year with me with the resolution to place more of life’s treasured memories on display in your home? I have designed our portrait experience around offering the best gallery system and shopping experience out there in helping you achieve just that.

Your gallery will be equipped with loads of quality printed products. Everything from albums, and greeting cards, to ornaments & wall art. Making it super easy and convenient to adorn your home with the faces of those that you love.

Imagine loving and emotive portraits on display in every room. Portraits that genuinely refresh your soul. Bring on those happy tears! Renewing your entire family day after day in stunning array.

You can start to get an idea of what you would like to bring home now. Stop by our example proofing gallery to start planning and budgeting for your needs today. I look forward to the joy and happiness that we will share while celebrating this special season of life.


Nicole Hollenkamp is a Central Minnesota Newborn, Maternity and Family Photographer serving families since 2013 with genuine heartfelt photography.

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