Nicole Hollenkamp Portrait Studio, LLC.

Nicole Hollenkamp Portrait Studio, LLC. is known for capturing heartfelt genuine moments for families with Newborn & Maternity photography needs.
her studio is located in Princeton, Minnesota.
Princeton, MN Newborn Photographer | Minnesota Newborn Photographer | Princeton, MN Maternity Photographer |
This maternity, newborn, and family photography studio is located about an hour north of Minneapolis. |
Serving clients from the Northern Twin Cities areas, including (but not limited to) Anoka, MN | Becker, MN | Big Lake, MN | Clearwater, MN | Elk River, MN | Foley, MN | Isle, MN | Maple Grove, MN | Milaca, MN | Monticello, MN | Otsego, MN | Rice, MN | Rogers, MN | Sartell, MN | Sauk Rapids, MN | St Cloud, MN | Waite Park, MN | Zimmerman, MN |

Central Minnesota
Newborn, Maternity &Family Photographer
 Princeton Portrait Studio


  • Full Session in studio
  • 60+ unique images to choose from
  • Up to 2 outfits {baby wrapped/unwrapped}
  • Posed images of baby alone + with family
  • imagery and art sold separately
  • $200 Art Credit
  • viewing & ordering 2 weeks post session
  • Twins & multiples get an extra hour!

session includes

Pre-session consultation, planning guide, a wide range of imagery for selection purposes, and personalized  art design within 2 weeks post sesh.

The Full Experience Includes...

newborn & Family

Creative Fee with 
No minimum order



a value of



  • 1 Hour appointment in studio
  • 10 unique images with print release
  • 1 family outfit {newborn wrapped}
  • wrapped images of baby alone + with family + Siblings
  • Upgrades & artwork sold separately
  • Free 8x10 Print when ordering in person
  • Online ordering available

every session includes

Pre-session consultation, planning guide, a smaller range of imagery, viewing within 2 weeks post sesh.

The half session Includes...

newborn & Family

Half session collection



  • Full Session in Studio
  • 20 images w/print release
  • Up to 2 outfits {baby wrapped/unwrapped}
  • Posed images of baby alone + with family
  • Upgrades & art work sold separately
  • In Person or online viewing apt
  • $100 art credit when ordering in person
  • Twins & multiples get an extra hour!

Collection includes

Pre-session consultation, planning guide, a wide range of imagery, viewing within 2 weeks post sesh.

The Full Session Includes...

newborn & Family

Full session Collection

we reserve the right to adjust our booking options without notice.

newborn & Family

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Session/Creative Fees

The Session Creative Fee is shown above and covers the time and talent of the photographer and is due at booking.

All prints, digitals and artwork are optional add-ons. Your art credit can be used only towards physical goods.

Gift Prints start from - $10.50
Fine Art Prints (10 OR MORE up to 10 x 8)  -  $40 ea.
Metal Prints start from - $51
Acrylics start from- $117
Small Framed Print (18 x 12)   -   $251
Medium Framed Print (24 x 16)  -  $330
Large Framed Print (30 x 22)   -  $613
Framed Storyboard (30 x 30)  -  $762
Everyday Albums start from  -  $236
Fine Art Albums start from   -  $788
1 Digital Image - $75
10 Digital Images - $300
20 Digital Images - $500

add-on items

Beautiful High-Quality Professional Archival Prints and Artwork

All prints and artwork are optional add-ons. Your art credit can be used towards physical goods.




Our Locations

The main focus of the newborn session is to make sure that the we remember baby's tiny features. You have the option to try 2 different outfits as a family. Baby will be photographed wrapped &/or unwrapped and posed.
We will create a range of imagery that captures the dynamics and connection of your family. Adding a dash of magic to make each moment captured extra special.
Every session includes customized planning services, client closet, gown fittings, props, use of our studio in Princeton Minnesota.

are you ready to create magical moments?

let's connect

Preserving life's sweetest moments

All the little details of your big day.

The emotions that can't be staged.

The moments that you don't want to forget.

I  notice...

I vow to capture MEANINGFUL & timeless images OF YOUR love story.


Planning Services

Let's chat details about how we can create a session that will capture your family in the best way possible.
You can also visit our planning guide to help you plan outfits & for tips on creating a great session.

Client Closet & Studio

All of our sessions come with access to the client closet, our gowns, props and studio.
We also offer private land out in Foreston where we can go on a little adventure.

Design and ordering

Aprox. 2 weeks after your session I will meet with you again at the studio to review the images from our session. I will personally help you figure out your favorites & even help you design the right products for your home.

My services

Let's Chat!

As the storyteller peers through the lens, the world transforms into a canvas of endless possibilities. With a mere click, the camera whispers a secret language to the universe, coaxing it to unveil its hidden tales. The storyteller becomes a weaver of dreams, threading together fragments of reality into a tapestry of enchantment.

In the dance of photons and imagination, each photograph is a spell cast upon the observer. The click of the shutter is a wand's wave, freezing laughter, love, and longing into pixels that shimmer with the magic of emotion. The captured images are not mere reflections; they are windows to alternate realms where time stands still and stories unfold in the silent whispers of colors and contrasts.

As the photographs emerge from the magical chamber of the camera, they carry with them the essence of the storyteller's vision. They are portals that transport the beholder to realms unseen, where every image conceals a chapter of an untold saga. Each photograph is a spellbinding potion, stirring emotions and awakening dormant memories in the hearts of those who gaze upon them.

In this enchanting act of photography, the storyteller becomes a sorcerer, and the camera a wand, creating a symphony of visual poetry that resonates with the echoes of a thousand tales. The captured moments are not frozen; they are alive with the energy of the magical dance between the storyteller, the camera, and the world that unfolds before their eyes. And so, in the realm of storytelling through photography, every click is a chapter, every frame a verse, and every image a spell woven into the fabric of a mesmerizing tale.

magic of storytelling with photography

light weaves an enchanting dance with shadows as a storyteller emerges with a noble quest to capture fleeting moments and to suspend them in time.







phone consultation

Lets get to know each other and find the inspiration that will make your session special. In studio tours are available.


Once you are ready to secure your date we will have you sign a contract & submit payment for your session fee or package.


The day is here. Come in to laugh and play as we work together to create magic for your family.

design consultation

About 2 weeks after your session we will have a low pressure meeting at the studio to go over all of our options and help you select the art & imagery that calls to your soul.. 

Reach out to start a conversation. Fill out the inquiry form here.



how do I book a session?

We can meet together in person or I can send over a link that will allow you to select your package, sign a contract and make payment to secure the date.

Newborn sessions are usually scheduled for around 10 days old. We set aside 1 or 2 appointments before baby arrives depending on your unique situation. Reach out and I will help you find the best date. If baby is already here please reach out for details on a session with an older baby.

how far in advance should we book?

do you provide unedited images?

All final images are edited to remove any distractions and we add a dash of magic that will bring out their natural beauty.

Our booking fee covers our in studio sessions and does not cover travel to your home or to an outdoor location.

do I have to pay travel fees?

have more questions?
send me an email.

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