For your family photo session, you’ll want to create moments with your family that will last a lifetime. But as you know, kids have their own wild series of moods they can get into, especially when they’re in a new situation. Here are some tips to keep the little ones smiling during your session!

Eat before you come

Have you ever felt hangry? I sure have and you can bet that your little ones do to. I really good way to make sure everyone is happy is to make sure their tank is full. Be sure to wash their hands and faces after eating. Bring their favorite snack or treat with to the session and you can promise a trip to get ice-cream afterward!

Sing their favorite song

Baaaaby shark doo-doo-do-do-do-do! This is repeatedly sung at our family shoots. It gets kids laughing and smiling and dancing around! Does your child have a favorite song? Sing it with them during your session.

Bring a toy they love

Bring a toy that they love and let the photographer hang onto it. Sometimes if you give them their toy too early into the session, they’ll get distracted and only play with the toy. But if you let them know it’s there for them when the session is over, many kids will smile and wait for toy time.

Say a funny word

Some kids have words that they will just laugh and laugh and laugh at. No really, we photographed a little one who would only smile for the word firetruck. We still don’t get it, but he sure does.

Keep your smile big for them

Many kids will mirror what you’re expressing. When you keep on a big smile for them, they may try to mirror you back!

Nicole Hollenkamp is a Studio and Natural Light Photographer Located in Princeton MN. Our studio specializes in Maternity and Newborn Photography but provide services for everything Motherhood.

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