10 Ways to Include Your Partner in Your Maternity Photos

Plannning your maternity session

During pregnancy, you can sometimes feel like the farthest thing from glamorous, but maternity photos offer you a chance to feel stunning again for a day and get images you’ll cherish for years to come. Pregnancy is a huge milestone in your life and one that deserves to be captured and remembered. Feeling like a model is just a bonus!

But what about your partner? You’re starting this journey together, so maybe you want to include them in your maternity photos as well. Here are a few of our favorite ways to allow your significant other to join in on your maternity photo session.

Capture your shared silhouette

A silhouette is an elegant way to show off your baby bump, and these images make for gorgeous wall art in your home. While a silhouette of just the mom-to-be is a great image, one of you and your partner is also a romantic, intimate moment in time captured forever.

Hug the baby belly

Maternity photos are all about that baby bump! Let your partner snuggle up to your belly or place a loving hand on your stomach to show how excited you are to welcome this child into the world.

Go for a stroll

Taking a simple walk through a picturesque area with your partner can make for lovely photos of the two of you. Your photographer will likely even capture some candid moments that you’re sure to cherish as much as your posed images.

Lean in for a kiss

Don’t be afraid to show a little affection! A sweet kiss over your baby bump makes for an adorable image and reflects the love you share and the family you’re building together.

Snuggle up together

Whether your maternity photoshoot is outside or a lifestyle session in your home, cuddling is a great way to show the intimacy of your relationship. Whether it’s a close hug or an image of the two of you lying down in your bed, these photos are often some of the sweetest.

Recreate a wedding photo

If you have a favorite image from your wedding day, ask your photographer to help you recreate it with your partner for your maternity session. This can even be a tradition you continue as your family grows!

Look to the future

A new baby is in a big change in your life, and you’ve likely been preparing for a while. Why not show off some of that preparation in your maternity photos? Include an item of clothing, a book or a toy you’re excited to share with your new child when they make their arrival.

Celebrate your hard work

Speaking of all that preparation, if you choose to do a lifestyle maternity session in your home, you can show off all the work you’ve put into your nursery. Showing off your décor, books, toys and clothing for your new baby can make for some wonderful images. You can even recreate some of these photos after your child is born!

Stand in front of a chalkboard wall

This idea takes some work, but it’s super fun! You can use chalk to introduce your family: your partner, you and your baby, with an arrow pointing to your bump. This image makes for adorable pregnancy announcements!

Do your research

Looking to show off your sense of humor? Grab your parenting books and take a photo with your partner reading up on everything you need to know about raising a little one.

Nicole Hollenkamp is a safety certified Maternity and Newborn Photographer based out of Milaca MN.

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