Engagement Photography ST Cloud MN {Cassidy and Dylan Sneak Peek}

Cassidy and Dylan’s Engagement Session

Please tell me about how you and your fiancee met.We met online, got to know each other a little before we officially met in person. But that was better for us. About two months after we met, we decided to go on a date. Our first date he came to my apartment and we went for Chinese food and we hit it off right away. On our second date the following weekend, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Who proposed? How? Dylan proposed. We had been looking at rings together, and I found one that was gorgeous and hinted at it. Once he ordered the ring, he asked me not to check the mail, but I saw the box and knew it was coming. On our one year anniversary, he brought me to Mankato, and took me to a fancy restaurant the night before he proposed, no cell phones, just each other. Then the next day, we went walking at a beautiful nature trail and he kept bending down, and when I noticed, he just said he had an itch. After three or four times, he said it was just really itchy. Finally, I didn’t notice he bent over and just kept walking. After about ten or twenty steps, he starts laughing, I turn around to see him on one knee with the ring. I just remember sprinting at him and jumping at him almost knocking us both over. He asked me to marry him and I said “yes.”
  • What do you each love most about the other person? I love how kind and generous he is. He makes me laugh and makes me feel good about myself and allows me to be goofy. He’s my favorite person. I love how understanding she is. I love that we can be goofy together and I love that we can be ourselves together.

  • How did you know that they were “the one” It was really weird, but on our second date, we both just had a moment within ourselves that this was the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with.

  • When and where did you have your first kiss? We shared it on our first date. We were cuddled up and I kept dropping hints that I wanted him to kiss me and he did.

  • What was your first impression of your fiancée? Please answer for each of you. When I met him online, I was drawn to his smile. And when we met for our first date, I was still drawn to his smile, it was contagious. It made me smile. The first thing I thought when I saw her was that she was a good dresser. She had a really pretty smile and her eyes were really pretty as well.

  • What goals and dreams do you share for the future? My entire life I’ve wanted to be a doctor, he has really supported me in that dream while he’s still figuring out what he wants to do. But dreams we both share is to buy a house together, have kids, have lots of pets, and grow old together.

  • How many children do you think you will have? We have settled on four, but we never know what’s exactly going to happen.

  • Where are you going for your honeymoon? We were originally planning for Paris, but being two poor college students, we decided that trip can wait. So we are going to Washington for a little while before doing a beautiful cruise to Alaska.

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