The Waiting List

The Waiting List

These individuals will all be notified simultaneously.
When you respond to the notification that adoption is open you will be expected to fill out the application and start the reference check process.
 Once approved you will be directed to fill out a questionnaire. Puppy adoption fee is $1800. With the deposit being $500 of that amount. Comes with a puppy care package.

Stephanie Velasquez
Miriam Khattak
Leni Mariano
Marcello Hunter
Alisha Pannell
Mikayla Bowden
Evelyn o'neill
Heather Osse
Marcia Litt
Valentina Cimolai

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Approved Appplicants

First Picks 2021

“First Male”
— Candy Allman
“First Female”
— M P Mass.

2nd Pick 2021 or First Picks 2022

“First Male”
— Rachita Kamal
“First Female”
— Monique Lo

Next in line or
First Picks 2023

“First Male”
“First Female”

Approved applicants

Pending Applications

Alicia Schroeder
Brooke Joy
Ilona Hall
Jessica Newsome

Katherine DaPron