You know how special this time is. A new baby is a treasure. And I don't have to tell you how fast this time goes. Capturing these memories in a beautiful way will help you to look back and remember, with vivid detail, that which we are prone to forget. For me, as a mom of 5, I know how easy it is to lose the details, momma brain is real! And babies change so fast!
     Not all babies will curl into every pose and not every baby will fit into every prop. Young babies will be more likely to fit into a wider range of props. Ideally schedule for when babe is between 3 and 12 days old. It is still possible to capture beautiful portraits beyond this time so schedule a session today!

Feed baby 2 hours before your session, then play with baby to keep them awake. You will feed them again before their session once we have wrapped them up cozy.

• Studio props and gowns are included
• In home, on location or in studio
•  Use special Lovies, baby gifts or foot prints

• Bathe Baby and moisturize for peeling
• Bring a pacifier even if you don't use one
• Bring the grandparents for extra special poses

Newborn Sessions

location: Central, Minnesota


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