Younger babies tend to be easier to work with and will be more likely to fit into a wider range of props. The ideal time to schedule is when babe will be between 3 and 12 days old. It is still possible to capture beautiful portraits beyond this time, so please reach out to schedule a session today!

    When planning your session we will ask about preferred colors and themes.  We have tons of props, wraps and outfits for newborns. I try to have 2-3 props set up and ready to go before you arrive.  Experience has taught me to start my sessions with a hungry and awake baby. When you arrive you will change and feed them right away. I know that newborns sleep a lot in general. But during your session we will be changing them and moving them into different positions and all of that can make it more difficult for a well rested baby to fall into a deep sleep.  The best way to keep baby awake the 2 hours before your session is by interacting and playing with them. Please feed baby 2 hours before the beginning of your session and again at the start.

We set aside a 4  hour time-block for newborn sessions to provide time for soothing baby and trying different things. Please bring snacks and a water bottle because you will probably get hungry. We will discuss things that affect the way we will work with baby. Then once we know the best way to proceed we will not only document the Newborn alone but you are also invited to bring your family. We can do different combinations and groupings which that help capture the different family relationships. Siblings, Family, mom and baby, dad and baby, mom and dad and baby, and even with grandparents. Tender moments that work great for wall groupings and albums.

    After your session I try to post a sneak peek on Social Media within 48 hours. I then choose the very best images from your session and adjust them for color and exposure. These images will be uploaded to a proofing gallery where you will be able to select the images you want us to edit. For newborn sessions you can expect to see anywhere from 50-100 images in your initial gallery.  After you send us your selections we will do a final edit where we polish the images. This means that if you blow them waaay up there should be no flaws. This can take 2-3 weeks during busy times. Once your portraits are complete you will receive an email to a new gallery for ordering.

• Studio props and gowns are included
• In home, on location or in studio
•  Use special Lovies, baby gifts or foot prints

• Bathe Baby and moisturize for peeling
• Bring a pacifier even if you don't use one
• Bring the grandparents for extra special poses

Newborn Sessions

location: Central, Minnesota


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