Whitney & Blake {Isle, Minnesota wedding}

More photos and qna Coming Soon

More photos and qna Coming Soon

Blake and I met online, the modern day romance. I, Whitney, was scrolling on Match.com; skeptical about online dating. I came along Blake profile and found we had a few things in common, found him to be attractive, but the picture of his car is what drove me to him LOL! I liked his picture and waited to see what would happen. He ended up messaging me and after a few conversations over email and text, and a phone call. We decided to meet up half way to get to know each other face tp face (Me living in MInnesota and him living in Iowa).  I was pretty nervous and excited, as he could tell by my awkward half hug at first meeting and the fidgeting with my straw wrap as we waited for our meal. He swears he knew I was the one from the moment he saw me. We had a great conversation along with the many before meeting. After one time of meeting I planned a visit to Iowa the following weekend to see him and it was then I thought I could see myself marrying this guy. He followed me back home that Sunday to go to church with my family and I. A little over a month later as him, I and the kids drove to Iowa for Labor Day weekend he proposed. We have had a fast paced relationship with no hesitation on what we wanted or what we were looking for a partner.; Many people probably thought we were crazy but I guess you could say that we had a love at first sight romance. 

When planning the wedding I wanted to keep casual and simple. I did not want to go to crazy and take away the really meaning behind the day. I left many elements that people probably incorporate in their wedding (programs, bride bouquet, bride party, etc.) I did not want it to look cheap but simple enough where we weren’t going to break the bank. We tried to make the focus around us and the kids. the joining of us as a family. My theme was Lilac and Lace, although Lilacs were hard as winter was still lingering around Minnesota the week before our wedding, I went with a lavender color to help incorporate that theme. I lived on Etsy for most of the detailed decor for personalized items, Our lovely Pastor incorporated Legos into her Sermon during the ceremony, which everybody especially our 4 year old really enjoyed. 

Newborn and Portrait Photography

What is one piece of advice that you would give brides-to-be?

Keep it Simple. I think people spend a lot of time and money for such a short time of celebration.  The day is about you coming together as a couple the celebration of love. The amount of money and time spent can sometimes take away from the joy of your new life together. 

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