“Perfectly Imperfect” the day to day life of family

OK so my kids are still young, I know. Camdyn turns 6 in April, Malakai and Celine Had birthdays last month making them 2 and 4. Even though the kids are young and though we try to keep life simple I know there are those that would love to learn more about family life in general. Though we don’t get everything “right”, we make mistakes we love and learn to forgive, I still intend to be somewhat open with the readers(with you). My goal is to give a realistic and sometimes surreal look into life as a family in 2015.
this is my family…



We live in a town-home on a minimal budget. I do photography and my husband works full time. We have a renter to help pay the bills. We have been renting out room(s) for 6 years. We are ready to transition to not renting anymore though. So when Lonnie moves out we will probably live here by ourselves.

We live in a small city in Minnesota. We get cabin fever in the winter and spend lots of time outside in the summer. We do not go on fancy vacations to exotic locations. Some days we stay in our jammies and make the house a mess and some days we leave. Camdyn attends the academy at our Church here in town.



I hope you are as excited as I am to start this blogging journey with me.

All the best-


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